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Illuminated incipit border

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Illuminated incipit border


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Illuminator unknown.
Full illuminated border (partially lost due to cropping) and a large initial in several colors. Border surrounds the text on the incipit page and depicts various vases, plants, and other embellishments. Two figures can be seen in the decoration as well: one at the bottom-center dressed in green, squatting, and with arms extended holding decorations, and another in the top left corner with large ears and a non-human body.
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Original image in: Manliis, Joannes Jacobus de, active 1490. Luminare maius. Cinthius vt totum radijs illuminat orbem. Illustrat latebras sic medicina tuas. (Pavia : Antonius de Carcano, 9 April 1494), leaf a2r. ZQa 3 1494 (Historical Medical Library of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia)
Luminare mauis was composed to be "the greater source of light for physicians and apothecaries", as the title suggests. Soon after publication, this work became the official pharmaceutical textbook of several cities and was used as a standard source for over 100 years.


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1 print : illuminated

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28 x 19 cm


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